Privacy Policy

GA TRADING, located in ISTRES (13800), 25 Avenue du Tubé, has an online sales website This site allows us to receive orders from our customers and the data collected on this occasion is recorded and processed in a customer file.
This file is used to:
• Manage orders, payment and delivery.
• Carry out marketing operations (loyalty, promotions) and send advertisements by e-mail to our customers who have not opposed it or who have accepted it:
- On products similar to those they ordered.
- On other products offered by the company. For example, if a customer buys a dress, a cushion cover may be offered to them.
  • Transmit the data of our customers who have accepted it to our business partners, to enable them to send them advertising ( see below).

Legal bases for processing

• Order management: the legal basis of the processing is the execution of a contract (Cf. article 6.1.b) of the European Data Protection Regulation).
• Sending commercial solicitations by email on products similar to those ordered by the customers: the legal basis of the processing is the legitimate interest of the company (Cf. article 6.1.f) of the European Data Protection Regulation), namely to promote our products to our customers.
• Sending commercial solicitations by e-mail about other products offered by the Felizz brand (property of GA TRADING): the legal basis for processing is consent (see article 6.1.a) of the European Data Protection Regulation), as required by Article L. 34-5 of post and electronic communications code.
• Transmission of the email address to business partners : the legal basis of the processing is consent (Cf. Article 6.1.a) of European Data Protection Regulation ), as required by article L. 34-5 of the post and electronic communications code.

Data Categories

• Identity: title, surname, first name, address, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, internal processing code allowing the customer to be identified, registration data on opposition lists.
• Data relating to orders: transaction number, details of purchases, amount of purchases, data relating to the payment of invoices (payments, unpaid bills, discounts), return of products.
• Data relating to means of payment: bank card number, expiry date of the bank card, visual cryptogram (which is immediately erased).
• Data necessary for carrying out loyalty and prospecting: purchase history.

Data recipients

• GA TRADING's customer and billing services are recipients of all categories of data.
• Its subcontractors, responsible for delivering its orders, are recipients of the identity, address and telephone number of our customers.
• The email addresses of customers who have accepted it are made available to our business partners (list of business partners, regularly updated ).

Data retention period

• Data necessary for order management and invoicing: for the entire duration of the commercial relationship and ten (10) years for accounting obligations.
• Data necessary for the performance loyalty and prospecting actions: for the entire duration of the commercial relationship and three (3) years from the last purchase.
  • Data relating to means of payment: this data is not kept by the company GA TRADING; they are collected during the transaction and are immediately deleted upon payment of the purchase.
• Data concerning opposition lists to be received from prospecting: three (3) years.

Your rights

If you no longer wish to receive advertising from GA TRADING (exercise of the right of opposition or withdrawal of consent already given), contact us via the email address
If, after consenting to your data being transmitted to our business partners, you wish to reconsider this choice and no longer receive advertising from them, contact us via the email address
You can access the data you concerning, rectify them or have them erased. You also have a right to portability and a right to limit the processing of your data (Consult the site for more information on your rights).
To exercise these rights or to If you have any questions about the processing of your data in this device, you can contact us.
• Contact by electronic means: .
• Contact by post:
GA TRADING company
25 Avenue du tubé
Atelier 18
13800 ISTRES


When you visit or use the site (the "Site ”), FELIZZ or its partner service providers may use cookies or other tracking/tracking/automatic data collection technologies to store information to provide you with an improved, faster and more secure experience.

This cookie policy (the "Policy") is intended to help you better understand these technologies and our use of them.


Cookies are small text files (most often composed of letters and numbers), stored in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or read a message.

They allow a website to recognize the browser or device. Like most websites, FELIZZ uses technologies, mostly through small data files stored on your device that allow us to record certain information when you visit or use our Site.

There are several types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: They expire as soon as the browser is closed and allow us to link your actions during that particular session,
  • Persistent cookies: they are stored on your device between browsing sessions and allow us to remember your preferences or actions on several sites,
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Our cookies have different functions. They can:

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We use cookies or similar tracking technologies that remain on your device only while your browser is open (session cookies), and cookies or similar technologies that remain on your device for a longer period of time. long (persistent cookies).

  • Necessary cookies

FELIZZ issues session cookies, which are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Sites and your browsing on them.

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  • Analytical cookies

FELIZZ may use cookies or tracers allowing it to evaluate the performance of the Site, its applications, services and tools, particularly in the context of analytical practices, to help it understand how visitors use the Site, to determine if you have interacted with its messaging, to detect if you have consulted a product or a link or to improve the content of its Site, its applications, its services or tools.

FELIZZ uses Google Analytics services to analyze browsing behavior. For more information on the use of data collected by Google Analytics, we invite you to consult the following page:

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  • Cookies or trackers to offer targeted ads

Partner service providers help us with various aspects of our business, such as the operation of the Site, our services (e.g. chat tool), our advertisements and our tools.

These partner service providers may also collect information that allows them to identify your device through our services (third-party cookies) and/or collect information that allows them to identify your device, such as your IP address or any other unique identifier.

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  • Social media cookies

FELIZZ Services may include third-party applications to provide you with the ability to share content on social media.

For more information about cookies issued by social networks, we invite you to consult the following pages:

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Allows you to remember custom variables like language.

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Certain features of the Site, services, applications and tools are made available to you only through these cookies or tracers.

You can block, remove, or disable these technologies if your browser or device permits.

However, refusing to use these technologies may result in the unavailability of certain features of the Site, certain services, applications or tools. You may also be asked to enter your password more frequently during your browsing session if the use of the Site requires the creation of a user account.

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Here is how to control or prevent the recording of cookies or tracers:

1/ if you use the Internet Explorer™ browser

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, then Internet Options and click the "Privacy" tab and the "Advanced" button to bring up the "Advanced Privacy Settings" window.

Then check the box "Override automatic cookie management" and then select "Refuse" in the column "Third-party cookies" .

2/ if you use the Firefox™ browser

Go to the "Tools" tab of the browser and select the "Options" menu

In the window that appears, choose the "Privacy" tab and configure the "Retention rules" menu by choosing "Use the custom settings for history".

In the menu, you can choose to uncheck the "Accept cookies" box or, choose "Never", in the drop-down menu titled " Accept third-party cookies”.

You can also, by clicking on "Show cookies", locate the files that contain the name "FELIZZ", select them and delete them.

3/ if you use the Safari™ browser

In your browser, choose the menu "Edit" then "Preferences".

Click on "Security".

Click on "Show cookies".

Select cookies that contain the name "FELIZZ" and click "Delete" or "Delete All".

After deleting cookies, click "Done".

4/ if you use the Google Chrome™ browser

Click the Settings menu icon and then click "Show advanced settings" (located at the bottom of the page).

Then click on the "Content Settings" button and then check the "Block cookies and data from third-party sites" box and click "OK ” to validate your choice.

You can also click on "Show all cookies and site data" and then search for the word "FELIZZ" in the search bar located at the top right . You can then choose which cookies you want to delete or click on "Delete all".

5/ if you use the Opera™ browser

Open the "Tools" or "Settings" menu and select "Delete Private Data"; click on the "Detailed Options" tab, then choose the desired options or follow this link: