What is consignment ?

At Felizz, consignment is a collaborative and tacit contract between two sales professionals who combine their resources to optimize the sale of products.

You as a merchant with a business and us as a wholesaler offering mobile displays as well as trendy products for your customers.

A common interest in developing a collaboration between two professionals who pursue the same objective.

Your advantages

  • No cash to advance as payments are only made at the end of the season (with a deposit at the end of July or beginning of August) 
  • Deliveries are free of port and are made without conditions until the end of August.
  • Net margin because we take back unsold items and breakage at the end of the season.
  • Enriched commercial offers, more diversified products and new products every year for your customers.
  • Displays and POS always in good condition 
  • Strong sales leading to additional sales

Our common

Our interest and yours is the optimization of sales with unrivaled turnover/m² ratio.

This means that we are committed as a wholesaler to supplying you with restocking according to your requests (and our stock) throughout the duration of the contract.

For you trader, this means: 

  • Assign a good location to products in your point of sale to boost sales.
  • Use the displays provided only for Felizz products.
  • Respect the selling prices.
  • Take care of items (rain, sun, etc.)

The displays

As a wholesaler, we entrust you with one or more displays that are ergonomic and designed to optimize product sales.

They generally include:

  • A selection of products
  • A wide variety of colors
  • A consistent amount
  • A mechanism on wheels with brakes to allow the display to move around your store 
  • A POS with the selling price dedicated to the product 

End of season

At the end of the season, the trader can count the remaining goods, we will do it systematically on our side upon receipt of the goods or on site. Note that our count of goods will be used for invoicing.

The ending balance is calculated by deducting the quantity of goods remaining from the total quantity delivered (including any restocking).

The result (or balance) determines the amount of the invoice excluding taxes, after deduction of the deposit (if any).

Therefore, we recommend that you keep your packing slips taped to the outside of each shipping carton.

Ownership of the goods

The displays made available to the trader remain the property of GA TRADING. Consequently, at the end of the deposit-sale contract, they must be returned to us or kept for the following season after agreement from the sales department.

Consequently, any transfer of ownership will only relate to the products sold, the unsold products being returned to us.


F like FIDELITE (LOYALTY) , at Felizz we do everything we can to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that they remain loyal customers for years.

E like ECOUTE (LISTENING) , our customer service is ready to listen and is at your disposal to answer your questions, advise you and provide you with the help you need during the season.

L as LIVRAISON RAPIDE (FAST DELIVERY) , your orders will be prepared in record time and will be sent to you as soon as possible.

I for INSOLITE (UNUSUAL) , unique in our genre, we strive to find you new products that you will not have seen anywhere else.

Z like ZEN , a hassle-free and relaxed collaboration to make you as little worry as possible.

Z (another Z…) like ZINZIN , because Felizz is above all a team with a touch of madness!